Monday, April 30, 2007

Life and Times after the Kiss

Right, Richard Gere is almost in jail, and Shilpa Shetty got into the news again – all for a kiss that some Advocate Pratibha whatshername protested about. Apparently, she was disgusted at the kiss that was being shown on television over and over again.

Hullo – she could shut the TV, change the channel, or read a book…many things to shut of that offending sight. A dishy Hollywood actor and a beyond Bollywood kiss – so what? Enough, for a district court in Jaipur to get tizzy. Huh!

Put that against – young Mr. Pereira walking out of court, sharp and tall, after mowing down 7 people in his car. It’s all right, a kiss is a bigger thing after all!

Then there are inter-religious marriages that create a furor, while the local rapist is happily absconding never to be found. The slivers of justice gets so much more mundane!

As criminals in Mumbai watch and play, the policemen in the city, spend time in the Lakme Fashion Week, ensuring that there are no costume malfunctions! Lucky cops those! I bet they were waiting for an eyeful of some malfunction, before being thrown back on the sweltering, stinky alley again.

Methinks what the Indian social system is telling us quite clearly, mutual consent kissing is out, murder and rape is in. Inter religious marriage is out, but child marriage is fine, and most of all, do get drunk and mow down people in your large car. Just keep the lawyer and the police handy….life can be such a smooth sailing after that.


Subir said...

I do not think the Indian social system as represented on TV tells us much of the Indian social system. No TV station worth its ratings will show the true malaises of the Indian social system. So what you eyeball is what you get.

Arun said...

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that the Shilpa Shetty/Richard Gere kissing debacle was an orchestrated one. The situation surely had all the right ingredients and all concerned were helped along…except maybe Gere, who has nothing to gain from a splash in Indian papers.

Possible Scenario – Shilpa Shetty’s Camp:

Shilpa: I’m worried.
PR Man: What’s up?
Shilpa: People aren’t talking about me anymore! The Big Brother media blitz is ancient history!! My box office ratings will start sinking again soon!
PR Man: Yeah… I’d almost forgotten about that Big Brother stuff myself. Was good while it lasted though…
Shilpa: Is that all you have to say?! Is that what I’m paying you for, you moron? You’re fired!!
PRR: Eeps! Hey, no hold on!! Okay, I have an idea. Negative attention is better than no attention! We can cook up a nice, juicy publicity blitz. But we need outside help… someone with charisma. You know, someone like Richard Gere! The guy comes to India quite often. Let me make some calls…

Possible Scenario – Political Moral Police Camp:

Head Honcho: I’m worried.
PR Man: What’s up?
Head Honcho: People aren’t talking about us anymore! We didn’t even create a stink this Valentine’s Day like we usually do! We’ll look pretty dumb at the next elections without some nice, juicy controversy to leverage!
PR Man: Man, I’d rather forget the last time we did the Valentine’s Day schtick! That was surely all the wrong kind of publicity! It really backfired….
Head Honcho: Is that all you have to say?! Is that what we’re got you into the party and gave you a fat expense account for, you moron? You’re fired!!
PRMan: Eeps! Hey, no hold on!! Okay, I have an idea. Negative attention is better than no attention! We can cook something up, but we need outside help! Someone with charisma… you know, someone Shilpa Shetty… in fact, my counterpart in her camp told me of a perfect situation coming up! Let me make some calls….

Nikhil said...

Yes, after all the courts have their own PR managers and costume wagons and make-up vans. They have to put up with so much more. Who frankly cares about poverty and depression and rape and murder. That shit keeps happening.


Shyama said... were the fly on the