Saturday, April 21, 2007

A young girl with proportions unparalleled

A young girl with proportions unparalleled,
had suitors wherever she happily traveled.
Men with, flowers, chocolates and dashing smiles,
would await for her in rank and file.
She batted her eyes and never said no,
and between them they had a merry show.

But one day, crawling out from a limousine,
came an old, bent man so desperately lean.
A young girl with proportions unparalleled,
Had his good his intentions completely unraveled.
Soon they got married with much fanfare,
The young girl lived with vagabondage care!

Of course things got a trifle boring,
old men are given to loud snoring.
The girl with proportions unparalleled,
Now had her eye, which I must say traveled.
The chauffeur of the limousine was rather handsome,
he was by no means shy and winsome!

Of course, the tale should follow the usual way.
But it turned out the chauffeur was incredibly gay.
Now all the men who would flock around the young girl,
Around the chauffeur would merrily twirl!
Our young girl, the poor girl no more her eyes did bat,
She felt like an old worn out hat.

Oh dear how can I tell you so smitten was she,
He made her go so weak in her knees.
Then the with the incredible proportions,
Had the most weird sex change operation,
So now man, is with a man who was once a woman,
and who is also married to a very old, old man. (Sigh)


Lord Jim said...

Children today r to sick of black and whte ...they would rather have grey, like this poem

Indrajit Dutta said...

Well the girl has to feel gay about the opposite sex.

Jolene said...

Lovely one!