Thursday, May 10, 2007

The vampire with a fetish

My dragon set himself on fire,
Now there is a vampire to hire!
He has many a weird fetish,
besides he is half Swedish.
He Yodeled till he was blue
Then he'd lick the inside of a shoe.
Bearing his fangs he asked all those there,
"Would You rather that I licked you?"
Now a young girl who had a massive nose,
in her teeth held a red-red rose.
She said, "I'd like a lot done to me please."
holding out her shoe, she said like a tease,
"But first can you clean my stiletto heels?"


Nikhil said...

Yay! perverted swedish dragons and obnoxious young women!

I loved it. :]

shimmering hue said...

But first can you clean my stiletto heels?

[:D] good going rock!!

Tushar said...


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faithless the wonder boy said...

i like swedish dragons and vampires.i want a dragon.
actually i sweden thay must be nice but its too hot here.
maybe i should get a cat,or maybe not.

topshe said...

wow. amazing. swedish vampires such perverts!