Friday, May 4, 2007

King Kong At the Bus terminus

Waiting for a bus in the big terminus,
The loud King Kong created quite a fuss!
"The bus gone, the toilets stink,
my girl friend is too small and pink."
Now he was quite large, and scary too,
not someone you could say boo to.
So he shouted louder beating his chest,
scaring away the passengers rest.
Till an old lady who had enough
shook her umbrella and said, "now stuff."
"You may be scary, big and quite hairy,
but your girlfriend is bored of you truly.
So behave, or in the corner you stand."
King Kong was so taken aback
That he ran up the magazine stack,
and up the Empire state building he scooted,
saying, "My sense of sanity, a grandma looted.

1 comment:

shimmering hue said...

Your rhymes really rhyme.. :)
You really a journo?