Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Horse whispering

Now do read this tale,
it may get me into jail!

There was a man, who's profession was horse breeding
he claimed he could do horse lip reading
It struck me strange and wondered what he could read,
Did the mare tell him, "He's a stud, ahem,I'd breed,"
or "yuck, him, really him! Could you find no other!!!
His child you really want me to mother?"

Anyway there were too many questions that came to fore,
and for your sakes I wont tell you any more!


Nikhil said...

Horse lip reading? Really now! Don't horses just hurramph anyway?

I'm sure I wouldn't like to know what my cats think of me.

Oooh thank you for that last resolve though. :P

faithless the wonder boy said...

you underestimate the horses...they are not like us humans...they talk about the finer things in life...a lot of art and culture in their history...we just dont see what they do......the only bad thing is they crap a lot,

onnesha said...

you wrote that?
its hilarious!!!

Nila-kantha-chandra said...

Hullo, you must have heard the expression in Bangla "shodh bodh, ghodar podh"! I explored the possible meanings of that in my blog! Best!

himanshu said...

funny, light and crrrisp....wow i luvd it.