Saturday, February 24, 2007

Faith on a hill

Pune is blessed with one of the most beautiful hills, these literally surround the city and are unfortunately eyed for their real estate value. For many of us the hills are a retreat, from the pollution and even the general white noise of life.

Sometimes early in the morning, or in the evening when there is a cricket match going on few are on the hill, you will spot hares, peacocks and if you are very lucky snakes. These sightings are so sudden, that you are left wondering if it was real.

These rare sights also makes me ask one more question, how much of control do I really have on life? I’d like to imagine that I planned my visit in a way that I’d see these creatures. But, I’d be fooling myself.

The thing is like many, I have been an atheist for a large part of my life, and perhaps it is the fragility of getting older, I wonder about divinity a lot more. Clearly ones private demons are around the constrictions and dogmas that religion places around you, the divinity has not been really considered much.

The absolute truth is that we are consistently giving up bits of our lives, to the government, authorities, our mates who would like to have more stake in our lives, children, parents, the moron on the road, the technician in the nuclear plant, friends, the thought police…the list is endless.

Imagine for a second if you surrendered to a power far more perfect, wise and even beautiful…what would happen then…
For a moment stop intensely planning, and believing you control life…I have a feeling in some strange ways it might make things a lot more clear…and much of the baggage may just be shed....
But it is I think one of the toughest roads to take...and eventually freeing, now you know that you really have no control and it does not matter if you do or don't.

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