Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thoughts as the rock falls

Just read the news, there is a possibility of an asteroid hitting us 2035 or so. It struck me, what then is the purpose of all that we do. As we rage through our lives, managing relationships, jobs, admonishing children, getting angry, angered, political, seductive or ready to seduce, we somehow forget that life in its essence was meant to be happy. Of course the quest for happiness has got so much stranger.

We all moan about the times that things were simpler, when coffee used to cost a pence and happiness meant riding around on your cycle. Yet, the strange part is at that point we were sure we could do so much better. The freedom of the riding on the bike meant zilch, when you could do so much more with your life….you could be on a faster motorbike or bigger car.

But, put this into context of the fact of an asteroid hurtling towards the earth, and sure as hell in real life there is no Bruce Willis to save you this time. In the cosmic event of things you do not matter, what you want does not matter, neither what you feel. Your kid’s marks do not matter, nor does scoring, nor does riding in a big car, nor does the charity you do....

Imagine this, for the asteroid you do not matter. Sometimes, I pretend to look at myself from the moon, and heck I am not even a dot on this landscape. Yet I quest on…for that elusive thing called happiness. Trying to find it in friends, children, conversation, internet, the last cigarette, rock concerts, hobbies, communities….

So occasionally there is a feeling that time is running out, because paradoxically one has discovered the sheer magnitude of life. One is also increasingly aware that the time is now, because the rock could fall, if something else does not strike before. Suddenly there is so much to do before the sins catch up and happiness takes a backseat. Perhaps we have not realized that life is as simple…as one can make it. And it takes a hard road to understand that…


Arun said...

I think the hard fact is that our sins are CONSTANTLY catching up with us. Trying to outrun them is what the pursuit of happiness is all about. Happiness is a brief state in which we forget that we don't deserve any of what we have - and maybe it encompasses the fleeting moment that we are satisfied with having received what we have lately been hankering for.

No, none of us matter in the cosmic context. It's a humbling fact - and a freeing one.

"This too shall pass" applies to both the sad and the happy times. Let the rock fall - at least it will mean the end of illusion by providing one indubitable 'hard fact'

shaluka said...

In the face of such impending doom of the rock-like kind, it's time perhaps to forget this whole bugbear of 'sin' or even of right or wrong, should have and ought to....and just be. Guess that's happiness really. So what say we tell the world, 'Rock on, baby! You only got one life....and it might just be a very short one at that!'....Shalini