Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No answers in the wind

What a week! The co-conspirator in the Nithari case, the richer bearded boss is given a "clean chit", the men in blue lost a few games, and so their funerals are carried out, Nandigram continues to burn, villagers in Maharashtra keep killing themselves, a cricket coach is murdered and somewhere it traces back to India…

These are surely the worst of times…there is no best in it.

If one were to believe the CBI investigation in the horrible crime, the Nithari boss was playing blind, deaf and possibly dead when all that was happening in his house. Over 30 children are murdered and scientifically disposed off by an illiterate servant, while the old man had his orgies. One never interferes in a person’s orgies, but when it manages to corrupt a system-it needs something more. The deaths of course are horrible; so many children die just to satisfy a strange lust. More horrifying are the cops and the administration who did not care then and do not care now. And you know what, neither does the average man on the street, for them the loss in cricket was far more valid.

The men in blue merely lost a game, and the mass despair unleashed. Their homes were targets, mass mock funerals were arranged….if India could carry out such demonstrations for the way that the Nithari psychopath boss is being given a “clean chit”, maybe we would have some real justice.

Nandigram still burns, fanned both by the men in power and by those who want to come into power. The farmer in Maharashtra dies over onions; the girls in Hariyana die before they are born…and we weep, beat our chest, and mourn…because we have lost a game of cricket.

The bossman of the game, President of the Board of Control of Cricket, comes on television and talks about accountability from the captain and coach…Did I hear that right? He is also the Minister of Food and Agriculture –in this land of weeping and angry farmers!.. Hmmm I will not say word more, might be send in for defamation!

There is malaise that sweeps the country, and revolution is right round the corner, but not waiting to happen. Yet there will be pockets that will burn, and maybe many collective pockets will burn together. I certainly don’t want the Maoist revolution to happen, nothing good comes out of that…but I cannot see the change happen either.

Because the same malaise prefers to let things simmer– the collective anger has already given place to despair, there is no answer blowing in the wind.

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