Friday, May 4, 2007

I am not particularity serious,
No wisdom and thought I confess
All I can make are rhymes so silly,
that come out whilly nilly!

Once upon there was a dragon,
his name was fake Fagan.
Large he was, with glistening scales,
and given to eating large raw whales.
Anyway one day a knight called for a fight,
and that day his dinner was not light.
So he blew our some garlicky fire,
that burnt up the old bent squire....
The Knight was not too pleased
So he ever so loudly wheezed.
"Fie oh fie, Monsieur Fake Fagan,
You are now an eclipsed dragon."
But he just smiled, a scary smile,
The knight took out his unscaling file.
The poor dragon is now shaven and shorn,
never to fight he has sworn.

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