Thursday, May 17, 2007

Taking his art seriously

The young politico was wrapped in the latest issue of Penthouse smuggled in by his favorite uncle, when his mobile burst into an appropriately jingoistic tune. “’aloo, bass, there noode painting in art ischool….do we burn it, throw stones, walk on our hands…order and we do!

This was a bad time to be bothered, just when he was whetting up his fantasy, “Arre yar, nude painting, kuch bhi karo – stone shone throwing, hungama, just do it. And suno how nude is the nude.”

“ Ekdam noode, our great Goddess, no saree, no nothing… our culture getting damaged – no! But saar you have to come, party headquarter order.”

So the young fellow left his magazine aside, went hunting for the red tilak, smirched it across his forehead, snogged his single malt on the rocks quickly and marched on. Practicing his religious face, he found his crowd, gave them the correct instructions, all connected to the pride of the nation. And they marched on.

On the way they were met by auntyji, who had just paid off her gigolo, she too had a protest march against nude art. In the car, she practiced her speech, “Thees iz insult to womanhood, nude painting of the mother!” The young politico had to keep his thoughts clean as she went on thinking her words aloud.

Soon they were there, by now looking as if they could shatter the earth itself. He in his white funeral clothes, with the red tilak shining like a blood spot. She indignant and shaking and together they had a critical comment to make on art….something like tearing it apart and torn assunder,then possible held across crowned with a very shaken and stirred artist.


Aparna Bagwe said...

such a tru reflection of life unglorious life!

Nikhil said...

Oh nicely done. Possibly exactly how it was when Sita was rendered sans vesture. :)

But how does it end?

Shyama said...

@Nikhil - if it ends- there can be two things, we are back to drawing imaginary landscapes or the artist has gone underground

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the so called moral police and the venerable politicians and social workers..wolves in the sheeps clothing!

Very well written post about them double standards :)

narendra shenoy said...

You wield the pen masterfully. Its not a true story, is it? Our increasing tolerance of intolerance is not good at all.....

Me. said...


How true.

I'm sure most "protests" held by political parties proceed on similar lines.

Naman Saraiya said...

It's just that, I've decided to visit this blog and unlearn, more often than I would expect myself to.